Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something to look at...

The old Russian control tower is just down the street from where I work; it's now just used as office space.

The Russians left behind a lot of mined areas inside and outside the base perimeter. These signs warn where it's not ok to venture off.

This is one of our loaders placing a concrete bunker section near a new construction site. The bunker will be surrounded with sandbags once it is placed.

A new tent city we are constructing. This area will create new bedspace for 214 troops. I may be moving here in a few weeks.

Driving along our perimter road. Concrete plants that supply concrete for the base can be seen in the distance.

Inside 4 of these large tents we are building 216 bunk rooms (different tents from the picture above). I created the design for this project.

These large arched structures are called K-spans. My Squadron will be moving our operation to these buildings in March.

Inside the K-spans we are in the process of building out our shops: Electrical, Plumbing, Structures (carpentry), Power Production (generators), and Heavy Equipment.

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  1. love the pics honey. very cool to see what you see everyday.