Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Interrupted Sleep

I mentioned yesterday about how we were awoken in the night regarding the avalanche. What I didn't mention was that was the second night in a row. On Sunday night, around midnight, our Deputy Group Commander knocked on our door because an aircraft had accidently slid off the paved airfield surface and into the mud and they were trying to pull it out with difficulty.

Coincidentally, last night, Tuesday night, we were all raised from our sleep once again... for the third night in a row. Around 2:00am the fire alarm was sounded in our building. But it wasn't a false alarm, we had an actual fire! Just a few doors down from my room, the hand dryer had shorted out and started a fire in our shower room. By the time I got out to the hall, one end of it was completely filled with smoke.

Everyone was evacuated and the base fire department arrived. Several of us walked over to our office to stay warm because the temperature got down to only five degrees last night, and we knew it would be awhile before things were clear. Since we live in steel connex boxes, the fire didn't spread too fast or far. Eventually, our building was cleared and I got back in bed around 3:30. It was quite a night.

The shower room was smoked up pretty good and the whole building had a soot smell to it. I told my commander that I would be happy to provide a bid to do the repairs! :)

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