Sunday, March 21, 2010

My daily commute...

Here's a short video of my walk to the office each day from my dorm room. You'll see it's a bit of a maze of narrow passages and alleys between bunkers and "B-Huts" (B-Huts are wood-framed structures which are used for office or lodging space here at BAF). I took this video on Friday morning, which was the last day that my walk to work looked that way. Later that morning, we started moving B-Huts with a crane because we needed to empty our grounds for a new passenger terminal construction project that is supposed to start on 1 April.


  1. Very interesting Jason! I like how the one man called you sir. Your ankle must be doing well because you walked at quite a good pace, too!

  2. hi jason, what are hanging on the walls by each dorm room? and who are the pictures of on the door when you are walking outside from your hallway??

  3. I think the military needs to introduce some "happy" colors! I did like the "sir" part!!! :)